Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Every Day Exercise For Subconscious Mind

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Day after day people believe more in the subconscious mind power while you may be one of them I am confident to say that you are right, this power can transform man's life and open a new gate of happiness fulfillment and success.

Simply these exercises are simple daily exercise any one can follow to better communicate with his mind and make more control of his own life, the subconscious mind exercises I am about to reveal you practically practice by many and known to get results.
Just commit your self to practice regularly every day and you will master it by time.

Proven subconscious mind exercises:

1. Meditation:

One of the most popular techniques and exercises is meditation, with meditation we tend to clear our mind from all distraction and negativism, it is a way to communicate with our subconscious mind to clear it from any bad feeling and rest in peace.
For doing this, just find a calm place where you can be away of any disturbance and no one can interrupt you, focus on one thing on your mind,you can start by 10 minutes a day while you can increase this period by practicing, before you know it you will be amazed of the result you get from.
By all means include meditation in your daily exercise.


2.Self hypnosis:
 is a way of to communicate between the conscious and the subconscious, during this process out mind become calm and we can focus on what our subconscious say, after doing so the conscious mind should have get orders from the subconscious and will be really to take action to perform it to achieve the subconscious desires.

3. Visualization:
This is t be considered a subconscious mind power exercise but it is operated using the conscious,while it is simple but pretty power, just as you mediate find a calm place but in this time you are going to visualize (Imagine) yourself in place or a role you aspire to be,may be a goal you wan to achieve or a place you want to visit, and by fully visualizing your self in this point you are forcing your mind to work for you, Simply because it has been proofed over years that the subconscious does not differentiate between fact and fantasy (Imagination),the subconscious just believe it and work to get this image a reality.

4. Positive Self affirmation:
Again, plain easy and simple say to yourself:
I am Happy
I CAN do it
I will Succeed
I am the Best

These positive affirmations has a magical effect on your mind, yes I said MAGICAL, you train your subconscious to believe that you can achieve success and victory whatever endeavor your are after.

As I said in the very beginning these simple subconscious mind power exercises is just plain easy but has been proven over decades to work and bring unbelievable results, also there are many advanced exercises and techniques, but just stick with it every single day and you are going to see success.


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Such A Beautiful Story

Watch this Power Point show ,it will change your life

Such A Beautiful Story
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Hey Guys in Today's post I am recommencing one of the best guides when it comes to time management or beating procrastination which is the challenge alot of us is facing

This is a Amazon Verified Review

Eat that Frog is an excellent motivational book. The complaints I see by most here are along the lines that there's nothing new in this book.

To me, there's nothing new in MOST self help books.

After all, we each know that the way to stop procrastinating is to just do what we dread, the way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than we consume, the way to keep house is to clean and organize on a regular basis, and so on. What we seek is some motivation and some reasoning for doing what we dislike doing.

Brian Tracy gives this motivation and reasoning. This is a short, fast read. As the author says, it doesn't go into all the psychology of procrastination; rather, it gets right to the action.

Brian Tracy covers such things as determining priorities, delegating and eliminating some tasks, knowing what's okay to procrastinate about, and whether to tackle your "frog" (your big task that will lend the greatest results) first or a lesser priority task.

The result is a clear, concise book that is helpful and shows that by regularly eating your frogs first, you develop a habit that makes it easier to accomplish more than the average person and do it with increasingly less effort.

An excellent, worthwhile book that you will likely refer to time and time again.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Using the Law of Attraction to Your Advantage

The law of attraction has been around for some time. Even so, not everyone is familiar with it. There are also a number of those who are a little aware of what it is but have not been able to benefit from it. This may be because they are only superficially aware of the concept but may not really know how it all works. This, more than ever, is the time to discover the true meaning and power of this law.

What It Is?

The attraction law is what you might call a universal law. This means it applies to every single human being on earth, regardless of location, race and personal circumstance. You can therefore be assured that nothing and no one can discriminate against your benefiting from this law.

In simple terms, this law states that like attracts like. This however, should be understood beyond physical likeness. The attraction law specifically points to similar energies attracting each other. It has been proven by numerous individuals that thinking in a certain way will attract occurrences of a similar nature. Hence, thinking positively can attract positive occurrences and negative thinking will attract negative outcomes. These are known as like energies.


How to Use It?

The law of attraction entails more than just thinking positively. A positive frame of mind simply implies a general outlook of the universe. The law should be applied in a deeper, more specific way. To be able to benefit from the law, you must clearly know and think of what you want. Other believers in the law go farther by visualizing what they want in the present tense. This is your way of asking the universe to give you your desire. With your clear vision in mind, you have to act as if you already own it. Once you own what you want, you have to prepare yourself to receive it.

One crucial factor in this law is your ability to let go of all doubts. Some people wonder why they are not able to benefit from the law when they have religiously followed the steps to using it. It is important to understand that among many individuals, there are always small grains of doubt. Individuals may be aware of these doubts and simply push them to the back or they may be unconscious of them. Doubts about what you want or your right to receive it will undermine the entire process.

Mind Power

For a lot of people, letting go of doubts is never simple or easy. Even the most positive thinkers may occasionally experience moments of uncertainty or may hesitate at the moment when their dreams are about to come true.

Believing completely in what you want and in the certainty of receiving it may take some practice for some people. If this is true for you, then begin everyday with exercises to strengthen your mind. Practice everyday visualizing what you want and owning it and you will have begun your journey into using the law of attraction to your advantage.


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Discovering Mind Techniques

A lot of individuals are interested in mind techniques. You should be too. Using the right techniques can help you achieve the best that you can in life. These are the methods that can open the doors to true success and fulfillment. Before you even dive into the steps to developing each technique, you might want to discover the basics about each first.

Techniques Anyone Can Use

There are a number of techniques that your mind can master. The important thing to remember is that anyone can use and develop these mental techniques to happiness and fulfillment.

  • One of the most common techniques known to man is the ability to communicate with other minds. This is more often called telepathy. For those who are not fully aware that the technique is possible, there is a tendency to imagine telepathy as used by comic book characters or evil villains. In reality, there truly are powerful telepaths but we are less likely to encounter dramatic versions of them. Learning this technique will simply give you a basic insight into what others think and intend without their having to say anything.

  • Clairvoyance and remote viewing are sometimes regarded as separate mind techniques. For some experts however, both techniques have elements that merge. These techniques generally let an individual see beyond the five senses. One is therefore able to know about an object, location or event that is not immediately up front. In simple applications, clairvoyance can be used to find parking space. The technique however can of course be used for more extreme purposes.

  • The power of intuition is not always viewed as a mental method. This may be because this is one of the techniques that many individuals seem to have. You use your intuition every time you have a gut feeling about something and you turn out to be right. Some individuals however have stronger senses of intuition than others. You can learn to develop stronger intuition and use it to your advantage before you commit to important decisions. This is a mental strategy that many successful entrepreneurs and individuals have. They have the gift for knowing instantly when there is a good opportunity.

  • One mental method is getting what you want. This is a broad technique and often has overlapping elements with other techniques. Simply put however, the technique is related to the law of attraction. When you want something, you simply have to be sure about it and act as if you already have it. Thinking in this positive way is the key to truly getting your equally positive wish. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.
There are many other techniques of the mind in the Super Mind Power System . These however are good techniques to start with.
Developing These Techniques
There are various ways to develop these techniques. Each technique will have its own set of basic principles. Various experts and practitioners however will have their own methods of mastering and developing the techniques.
In general though, you have a better chance of mastering mind techniques if you are able to maintain a calm, open and meditative mind. This is where Super Mind Power System come to take action,check out how can you achieve your goals and unleash your inner power in this system.


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Five Reasons to Tap Your Subconscious Mind Power

Not everyone is inclined to look into subconscious mind power. If you were born a skeptic, you might have your own doubts too. You should know though that people who have decided to tap their subconscious potentials lead empowering and fulfilling lives. Here’s why you should discover your mind’s power too.

#1- You’ll be using your full potential.

The subconscious is not something you get from the outside. It has and always will be a part of you. You use it to some extent every time you make quick decisions, act on gut instinct or turn someone over to your point of view. But because you do not know that your subconscious is working, you may feel vaguely incomplete or less than what you are capable of. Discovering the true potential of your mind power will help put you at your best and help you perform better in your daily tasks.

#2- It can help you get what you want.

Success or happiness may seem elusive to you. This may be because you are not yet aware that you can use your subconscious mind to help you get what you want in life. This concept is already the topic of various publications and studies. There is a lot of indication that if you know what you want and you are able to visualize it clearly, the universe will grant you your heart’s desire. This is otherwise known as the law of attraction. If you think in a positive mind set about your clear goals or aspirations, you will eventually get them.

#3- You can help others too.
Subconscious mind power need not be used only for your benefit. Individuals who are able to develop their skills in other psychic fields using the subconscious are able to help other people too. Some psychics may be able to locate lost objects and individuals. They are also able to discover auras and inner motivations that individuals themselves may not be fully aware of. Once you discover your potential and your responsibility as a psychic, you can be of help to countless individuals.

#4- It can help you build a positive and fruitful life.

Most experts in mind power stress the importance of building a positive mind set. Learning to tap your subconscious will offer you the best means to create positive thoughts and feelings that have a way of manifesting in your aura, personality and life experiences. This in itself is already a tremendous benefit for you. Becoming an entirely positive individual will ensure that never again will negative thoughts and feelings keep you down and away from your life dreams.

#5- It can open limitless possibilities.

The human body is a beautiful thing. In many cases though, it can be limiting. You are held in check by what your five senses are able to detect. Tapping your subconscious mind power however can lift the barriers to limitless possibilities. You can see, hear and feel better with your mind’s eye simply because it can go where your body cannot.

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Keys to Unlocking Mind Power Secrets


There is such a thing as mind power secrets. If you are not yet in the process of discovering them, you truly are missing out on the keys to genuine success and fulfillment. What exactly are these secrets and how do you unlock them in you?
The Power of the Mind
Many experts recognize that the human mind has a lot of untapped potentials. In many respects, the mind is more powerful than one’s physical being. You can sit in a chair or lie down in bed without moving and you will not be able to accomplish anything physically. The mind however is capable of traveling and reaching out to possibilities even if you are physically inert. The power of your mind can help you gain peace, predict the future, get what you want and communicate with other like minds. If you are able to tap all these abilities of your mind, you will be able to enjoy better economic, social and personal rewards as well as achieve a healthier outlook in life.


There are two major paths to unlocking your mind power secrets. You can get a master or an expert to get you to teach the process. You can however also embark on the journey on your own. This may seem like a harder option but there are many real experts who can help you without having to meet you or charge you a huge fee. You can use a basic mind power book or resource on your own. Although different resources may present slightly different tips and facts, they all contain basic principles to help you unlock your mental potential.

  • It is true that mental powers can be used by evil elements or individuals with negative intentions. True fulfillment however can only come from positive and good intentions. The greatest stumbling block to this fulfillment is your own negative outlook about life coupled with a harried and stressful existence. To be able to tap the energies of your mind, you must first work towards establishing a calmer well-being and a more positive view of life.

  • You might not be able to unlock your mind power at first sitting. Just like any other task however, you improve your chances of succeeding by practicing. Practice can be performed during formal or informal moments of reflection and meditation. You may for example attempt to draw what you want and desire in life by taking a few moments each day to repeat what you want and to believe that it will come. Before you know it, you will have succeeded in eliminating all negative thoughts and energies and you will have become a more positive individual.

  • You don’t need to move or exert physical effort when you use mind power. Even so, your physical self must be in some kind of harmony with your mental self. This simply means that it helps to maintain a physically fit and healthy body. In some cases, this can be achieved by partially using mind power. Once physical well-being is achieved, mental power is strengthened.

Even with a guide, the true key to unlock mind power secrets is in you. You just have to believe that you are capable of this just like everyone else.

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