Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Every Day Exercise For Subconscious Mind

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Day after day people believe more in the subconscious mind power while you may be one of them I am confident to say that you are right, this power can transform man's life and open a new gate of happiness fulfillment and success.

Simply these exercises are simple daily exercise any one can follow to better communicate with his mind and make more control of his own life, the subconscious mind exercises I am about to reveal you practically practice by many and known to get results.
Just commit your self to practice regularly every day and you will master it by time.

Proven subconscious mind exercises:

1. Meditation:

One of the most popular techniques and exercises is meditation, with meditation we tend to clear our mind from all distraction and negativism, it is a way to communicate with our subconscious mind to clear it from any bad feeling and rest in peace.
For doing this, just find a calm place where you can be away of any disturbance and no one can interrupt you, focus on one thing on your mind,you can start by 10 minutes a day while you can increase this period by practicing, before you know it you will be amazed of the result you get from.
By all means include meditation in your daily exercise.


2.Self hypnosis:
 is a way of to communicate between the conscious and the subconscious, during this process out mind become calm and we can focus on what our subconscious say, after doing so the conscious mind should have get orders from the subconscious and will be really to take action to perform it to achieve the subconscious desires.

3. Visualization:
This is t be considered a subconscious mind power exercise but it is operated using the conscious,while it is simple but pretty power, just as you mediate find a calm place but in this time you are going to visualize (Imagine) yourself in place or a role you aspire to be,may be a goal you wan to achieve or a place you want to visit, and by fully visualizing your self in this point you are forcing your mind to work for you, Simply because it has been proofed over years that the subconscious does not differentiate between fact and fantasy (Imagination),the subconscious just believe it and work to get this image a reality.

4. Positive Self affirmation:
Again, plain easy and simple say to yourself:
I am Happy
I CAN do it
I will Succeed
I am the Best

These positive affirmations has a magical effect on your mind, yes I said MAGICAL, you train your subconscious to believe that you can achieve success and victory whatever endeavor your are after.

As I said in the very beginning these simple subconscious mind power exercises is just plain easy but has been proven over decades to work and bring unbelievable results, also there are many advanced exercises and techniques, but just stick with it every single day and you are going to see success.


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  2. Our subconscious mind, the source of infinite information.

  3. Our subconscious mind, the source of infinite information.

  4. Our subconscious mind, the source of infinite information.